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Key development impacts:

Job Creation and Skills Development 

  • The unified Emerging Farmer Programme is projected to kit out at least two hundred developing farmers over the three-year programme with the necessary skills and business acumen to run commercially sustainable farm set-ups.
  • This enterprise is concentrating on offering training that combines a unique blend of real-world on-the-job and schoolroom teaching for maximum advantage to the emergent farmers.
  • The full-time and cyclical job influence of the farming operations will work to unpack unemployment issues in rural underprivileged communities.
  • The programme will provide state-of-the-art support and development to SMMEs, as well as incorporating skills advancement, creating jobs.
  • The programme impact is not restricted to emerging farmers but also assists casual fruit and vegetable traders as well as rural communities.

Sustainable SMMEs

  • In the first quarter of the Department of Trade and Industry Incubator, there will be four SMMEs (Employee impact of 200) branded as preliminary recipients of the programme.
  • The sustainable SMMEs will contribute positively to rural and economic development.
  • As the programme continues to increase, more SMMEs will be positively impacted.

The nurtured SMMEs will assist in improving the country’s skill shortfall and it is through such DTI united initiatives, with wholly committed private partners such as AFH and Musa Capital that will make this a success.

Outcomes of impact investing Musa Capital