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Investment Overview

In 2008 Musa Capital assimilated a 49% shareholding in AFH.

Steered by a powerful entrepreneurial team of managers, AFH has consequently developed a combined and accessible vertical value chain which consists of:

  • A food manufacturing and distribution feeding scheme that feeds no fewer than 1.1 million school children on a daily basis.
  • A growing manufacturing contract to retailers nationally.
  • A packaging process for Spar retail outlets which includes fruit and vegetables countrywide.
  • Nine retail outlets with a focus on rural and mid LSM (Living Standards Measure) consumer groups.

AFH has united with the DTI – The Department of Trade and Industry –  to cultivate a developing farmer programme which would be a completely amalgamated module of its commercial farming operations and production supply chain.

The programme will then offer an opportunity to black grass root farmers as well as rural communities to contribute in a concentrated three-year training programme that is aimed at developing the next generation of top black farmers.

Valuable applicants will now have a window of opportunity through the programme where they will now not only be in a position to own but also to manage their own farming operations and be incorporated into the AFH resource chain.

AFH will provide complete support regarding management of farms, logistics as well as full availability to investment tools.