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Investment highlights

African Frontier Holdings, an associate company of Musa Capital shows strong group historical performance – 5 year revenue with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 32.2%, Net Income of Compound Annual Growth Rate of 46.3%.

Some of Musa Capital investment highlights include:

  • This is a key group with a single-mindedness developing nutrition for base-of-the-pyramid users in rural areas as well as built-up spaces through its government school feeding schemes, as well as its fruit and vegetable processing and distribution business together with the procurement and restoration of rural retail outlets.
  • AFH has amalgamated with business unit industry specialists and knowledgeable management groups, integrating them into shareholding organisations.
  • Resilient rural empowerment initiatives through skills training, community upliftment as well as job creation.
  • Noteworthy group interactions realised through vertical incorporation.
  • A five-year plan that is expects to create no fewer than 2,000 jobs.
  • Integrating and emerging black grass root farmers, casual traders and community farming enterprises into profitable supply chains through open-minded trade strategies.
  • Impregnable market location through government feeding schemes as well as low to middle income retail markets.

Private equity firm’s approach to ESG challenges:

Musa Capital intends generating smart risk-adjusted revenues through capitalising in businesses that enhance as well as add noteworthy substance in terms of social and maintainable financial development to the base-of-the-pyramid and previously-disadvantaged peoples and patrons.

The Company as a venture prospect:

  • AFH has a resilient administration team with a recognised track record offering substantial shareholder value.
  • The group has developed a full value chain with a highly scalable business model throughout the African continent.
  • Offers relevance of ESG (Environmental, social and governance) issues to investments.
  • The South African agricultural industry is faced with huge challenges over the next ten years as white farmers start retiring, leaving a momentous skills gap, in addition to possible food security problems.
  • Plus there is a rising concern that a major part of unclaimed land lies inactive or under-utilised.
  • The Emerging Farmers Programme has been created to address these issues through enrolling grass-root rural black entities and communities into a focused hands-on and tutorial programme directed at creating the next generation of top-notch farmers.

Core features of the Emerging Farmer Programme includes:

  • Hands-on and tutorial skills development programmes.
  • Impartial involvement through employee trust.
  • Addition of rural farming groups and casual traders into commercial FMCG resource chains.
  • Elevated grass roots financial development.