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Musa Capital

Musa Capital

Frontier Holdings is a subordinate company of Musa Capital partners with government for grass roots social impact and development.

African Frontier Holdings (“AFH” or the “Group”) is a market-leading, unified FMCG group with its attention on the food industry with investments and full focus on agriculture, processing, manufacturing, internal distribution as well as logistics together and retail.

The growing impact investment market supplies capital to support solutions to the world’s biggest challenges concentrating on sectors which range from affordable housing to farming, accessible healthcare, clean technology as well as financial services.


Key facts since investment

Company: African Frontier Holdings

Investor: Musa Capital – Musa Kubu Fund

Country: South Africa with significant scale opportunities throughout sub-Saharan Africa

Sector: FMCG / Agriculture

Stage and category of investment: Growth and expansion capital

Amount invested: R27m in 2008
Equity value: R110m as at 28 Feb 2014
Unrealised IRR: 26.4%
Employees: 1,355 as at 28 Feb 2014
Revenue: R982m as at 28 Feb 2014
EBITDA growth: 46.3% – 5 year CAGR to 28 Feb 2014

ESG impact:

  • Development of grass root black farmers
  • Access to commercial supply chains and offtakes
  • Support from commercial farmers
  • Sustainable economic development of communities

ESG interventions:
Emerging farmer programme which provides access to funding, skills development, access to market and commercial sustainability
to grass root black farmers.

Percentage of women employed: 30%

Total employees trained in 2014: 50 emerging farmers with an aim to train 200 emerging farmers over a 3 year period.